We will be holding board elections at the November 18th social dance. 

Board members are elected for two year terms commencing in January 2018.

We are expanding the board to 10 members this election, so there is one open board position open.  Even if you can only help out a few months out of the year you would be a welcome addition to the board!

Duties of board members include:

  1. Attending the monthly board meetings, which generally run for approzimately one hour. 
    During board meetings there is a discussion of the results of the previous monthly social dance and planning for upcoming social dances.

  2. Assist with the hosting of the monthly social dances, which can include setup, manning the front desk, cleanup after the dance, and other duries as needed

  3. Help identify pro dance instructors that would be willing to teach at the monthly social dance

  4. Introduce other ideas that will allow the chapter to increase the reach of ballroom dancing within the Las Vegas community

  5. Participate in the election of the chapter officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).  Chapter officers must be chapter board members and are elected by the board.

If you would be interested in running for a board position, please contact us.